Speed Ball Bag

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This balls must be filled with air for each use.

Style: Hanging type
Fixed way: double-headed
Material: high quality PU leather
Size: diameter 22cm

-A stylish pattern with a sporty feel.
-Explosion proof high quality PU leather. Smooth and delicate, good hitting feel, resistance to aging, and longer ball life.
-Reinforced design. Both ends of the ball are precision gauged and the fine stitching is not easy to damage, and the triangles are tighter.
-Double sling. Both ends of the ball are made of imitation leather + canvas, double-layer reinforcement, reducing wear, and with the use of reinforced elastic ropes, the ball can be better tied to the rack.
-Strengthen the high elastic pull rope.
-Nylon rope seal. Side nylon rope design, durable, beautiful explosion-proof.


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